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Solid State Drives

Get outstanding random write performance, enhanced endurance, and robust features at a competitive price for DIY and enterprise pre-setting services company with our SSD solution.

A well thought out and strategic Flash management helps this SSD work well. It improves SSD Performance through better Flash management, and careful attention to detail.

It can contribute to better NAND Flash management by amping up performance and turning down the latency of SSDs:

  • Background operations integration − Keeping these operations out of the way of host I/O requests

  • Efficient garbage collection − Timing is everything

  • DRAM data protection − Making sure what is read back is really what was written

Our SSD solutions already have features built in to address these needs. For example, our SSDs have a special feature set that improves both performance and reliability. We devote significant SSD solution so that our customers can forget about production and don't have to waste time trial running hundreds of FLASH types or match different controller types. Instead you can focus on running your businesses and making money.


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